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​Since 1986, KAE has been operating successfully in the area of providing services to large global companies. Working in thermoplastic injection areas and polyolefins, metal stamping precision assemblies of assemblies and systems integration, the company has stood out among its competitors for their dedication to always keep a high level of quality in its products. Today the company in addition to providing services for other companies, investing in the development of products with differentiated quality focusing now the end consumer.


Our story...

​​The KAE began operations in 1986, since then, operates in the market with differentiated products and services, dedicated and designed to meet customer needs.

The KAE was born to initially meet their own products, while playing in special assemblies. Soon it started producing stamped metal components, making their own tools and devices.

With the lack of options in plastic components, was soon into the manufacture of plastic components, which also developed its own mold.

The market need to have a company that join stamping and injected. It led to KAE to meet other markets that needed connections, thermoplastic injection and terminals.

Today KAE has a well-equipped tooling, which manufactures its tooling, molds and devices.

Our difference happens to be a company that offers complete solutions to customers from design, tooling and production execution of individual or assembled components, facilitating the logistics for its customers.

We seek continuous improvement of our products and services, ensuring quality and dedication, qualifying us as an innovative and agile company fully inserted in the global competitive landscape.

The KAE always works in the best service to its customers. For this, it has a planned structure that accompany the product from its development to final production. All followed closely by qualified and trained professionals for product development and subsequent tooling design to be made.

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Copyright 2019 • KAE Componentes Plásticos do Brasil Ltda. Since 1986 professionalizing quality and satisfaction for its customers and employees.

A Kae é uma empresa que trabalha com desenvolvimento de produto, desenvolvimento de moldes de injeção e ferramentas de estampo metálico.

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