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Continuously improving the quality of products and services through constant technological and administrative improvement, aiming at full satisfaction of our customers and consumers.

Guaranteed quality is certified service.

Being considered the main value of KAE, the constant search for quality is a multifunctional process that involves several aspects of operations, but above all part of the organization's culture, involving all departments and employees.

    The KAE quality is based on meeting the real needs of its customers, from the integrity, competence and professionalism of their actions.

KAE is the policy of partnership with customers and suppliers to an ethical and transparent relationship, strengthening respect for their employees, making them part of a single force, to have as a fundamental value being humano.Nossa policy reasoning quality is:


Personal growth

The competitiveness of our products and services.

In the commitment to make improvements.

Respect for the environment

    The KAE has a strict quality control, which analyzes from raw material to finished product. Since mold entry, until the beginning of production, all estapas are constantly monitored by trained and qualified personnel. This is another differential of KAE.


ISO 9001/2000

Investments in quality system in staff training and continuous improvement, which resulted to KAE be a pioneer in the certification of ISO 9001/2000 on 11/12/2003.