This equipment reduces contamination of vegetables without leaving undesirable residues as is the case with conventional treatments using pesticides.


The process UV-C is an alternative to the use of chlorine before final packaging with multiple benefits:


 Improving the environment of work, free of chlorine fumes;


Improvement in increasing the life of the metal installations eliminating the corrosive effect;


Prevents contamination of carcinogenic compounds which are generated by the effect of chlorine on the organic matter.

Technical features:

The ultraviolet radiation UV-C reduces bacterial and fungal contamination of vegetables, thereby reducing the incidence of infection and preventing the germination of spores and contaminants, thus reducing premature rotting.


This solution was tested in several countries of the world, with research conducted in Brazil by EMBRAPA and PROTERRA, which tested various types of fruits and vegetables, thus proving its effectiveness.



Effect of UV radiation-C:

The germicidal effect of the equipment is effective in the control of pathogens that are on the surface of fruit, flowers, bulbs and vegetables.


The correct dosage varies according to the type of food being controlled by the period of exposure to UV-C rays.


Ex.: For sanitization of apples is recommended a dose of 0,07kJ / m2 and for control of fecal coliforms and E. coli Escherochia, doses above 0,25kJ / m2.




The machine is built in accordance with national safety standards;

Has stainless steel security fence that protects the lamps of food and mishandling of operators;

Has safe drive controls and monitoring panel lamps with key;

Automatically turn off the lamp if the device is busy being in operation;

Alarm light and buzzer (optional) failure of any lamp.



General specifications:

Stainless steel cabinet - AISI 304 –

Models from 10 to 19  UVC lamps 30W each .

Wave length radiation = 254 nm

UVC energy radiated :  from 0.28 mW/cm2  to  0.44 mW/cm2

It has a Monitoring Panel to control the status of each lamp, signalizing malfunctions or low energy output  using LED lamps;

Display for number of hours under operation to control the life time of lamps and preventive servicing;    

Optional beep or warning light to notice some misfunction of lamps or conveyor stopped;

Sensors detect any displacement of the cabinet during the fruit process. All the lamps automatically will shut off if the equipment is lifted few millimeters from its standard operating position;

Double commanded push buttons for safety starting;

Starts using only a key that may be kept under control by the supervisor;

Electrical and mechanical designed and built following the Safety Industrial Standard BR 12;

Stainless Steel grille –AISI 316 – to avoid any contact the lamps from the  operator or the foods moving in the conveyor.


Overall dimensions:

W = 970 mm   L = 1315 mm   H = 300 mm

Weight =  from 50 to 70 kg

Energy consumption :  from  500 to  950 W/h ,  Max. Current 4,5 A 

Mains = 220V AC  50Hz or 60Hz  monophasic

Models  (for 2016) :  UVC 0214R (10 lamps)  and UVC 0314R   (19 lamps).


Patent Pending . INPI Regd. 2013


Manufactured by:



Silvestrin/Farroupilha  Rio Grande do Sul State . Brazil  =>  Apple and peach diseases control.

Greenvic/Placilla-Los Angeles . Chile  =>Organic apples diseases control.

Meyer Sa/Curicó . Chile => Kiwifruit diseases control  and others.


Tested and validated in: Apple, Peach, Kiwifruit, Cherries, Blueberries.



 ***** Check here some links to the studies of UV-C in vegetables:

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