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Ferramentaria de Precisão

Matrizaria e Ferramentaria KAE
Precision tooling for injection molds, metal stamping tools and much more you do here. With a technical team behind each tooling, your mold or stamping tool is produced with technical and safe quality, guaranteeing the life and production of your product without surprises.
Come and meet us and discover the true potential of your products.
The good performance in the production of a product depends a lot on how its mold or tooling was made. For this and other reasons KAE is a differentiated company, dedicated to meet the most technical ways of producing your mold and tool with the highest quality.


Specializing in progression stamping, KAE develops high precision stamping tools. With highly detailed tools, your parts can be produced with the certainty that all the details of your tool have been thought and studied for the best performance you are looking for.


Another specialty of the company is injection molds. Fetus can be common plastic injection molds, engineering plastics, aluminum injection molds and bakelite. With a great experience in this market, now your company can count on a whole structure to give the finish you always wanted in your products.

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Ferramentaria MATRI-FER KAE

Customized electrical terminals, items and components customized according to the needs of each client and application. If your company is looking for an item that it cannot find, KAE will help you develop these items, whether plastic or metallic, in order to propose great solutions and calculated results.

Contact us and develop your tooling with those who have experience in the subject.

Get in touch and request a quote.

Are you thinking about developing a new product?

Find out what KAE can do for you and your company.

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Ferramentaria de precisão
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