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Sistema Eletrônico de Segurança NR-12 para Proteção de Máquinas e Operadores.


NR-12 Control Panel

NR-12 Safety Activation System

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The Best for your Machines

Command Panelsof the NR System12

The simplest and most effective way to increase the safety of your machines by complying with the Standard.

The NR12 KAE Control Panel is the ideal solution for those who need to increase protection for machine operators such as concrete mixers and crushers.

The panel is also perfect for use with other machinery and equipment where safety is a primary concern.

Version suitable for Standard NBR-16329

Version suitable for Standard NBR-14153

Simple to use,
but Mighty!

Developed to meet the NR12 Safety Standard, the NR12 Panel has

on and off buttons protected by an emergency release cover.

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Key Security Features:

As an example ofCustom Control Panel, OPanel NR12 KAE, it is asafety system developed for machine operation

according toStandard NBR-16329 &NBR-14153, which briefly asks:

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1 -  Disconnection of the two input conductors to avoid shocks in case of inversion of the F/N wires or PHASE/PHASE connections;

2 -  Do not allow starting on power-up, forcing yourself to start the system manually through the maneuver;

3 -  Extra low voltage operation with insulation between primary and secondary of the transformer;

4 -  Thermal and current protector to be triggered in case of motor lockup or short circuit, or even extreme voltage pulses;

5 -  Polycarbonate tilting cover that acts on the shutdown button, acting as a quick form of security in an emergency, in addition to keeping the command protected from rain splashes, knocks, dust, etc.

• We have also added a voltage selector that allows 127/220V voltage selection. The customer keeps only one engine in stock and in certification, only one test equipment, thus reducing costs.

With extra low voltage, the NR12 KAE Panel is capable of deactivating power outages and guaranteeing the safety of its operators.

• In addition to the inverted socket where the customer can collect the extension cord at the end of the job and place a padlock on the panel, thus avoiding operation by unprepared people.

Standard Versions of Panel NR12 

To meet an immediate market demand, Kae owns3 standard versions of "Control Panel - NR12”. Panelsfor machines up to 1hp, 3hp and 5hp. Forspecial casess, we develop"Custom Panels", wherewe seek to meet different standards and appropriate safety standards.

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Painel Nr12 Kae - 10A


Painel Nr12 Kae - 30A


Painel Nr12 Kae - 50A

Customized Versions

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Consult to learn more

about development of


Get your NR12 Control Panel now within the Standard

The NR12 KAE Control Panel is the ideal solution for anyone looking for safety and regulation of their machines.

By installing this product, you will have the peace of mind that your machines comply with the NR12 standard, making your work environment safer and more suitable for the NR12.

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Start the year within Norma.

 Guarantee now what is best for the safety of your machines and more peace of mind for your production line.

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