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Final assembly

After being stamped, injected, painted and corroded by laser, your product can still be assembled here at KAE. This service is exclusive for products produced in-house. Facilitate your logistics and be another successful partner. We also supply electric whips according to the needs of your project. Consume us!
If you produce at KAE, then your product comes out assembled and ready for the market.

KAE also offers its customers the final assembly service of components produced by it (or part of the components produced internally), that is, here in addition to producing your stamped or plastic parts, you can choose to assemble your components internally within same company and leave with its product or component ready and assembled.

>> Check here some products assembled in our assembly line:

Are you thinking about developing a new product?

Find out what KAE can do for you and your company.​

Prototipagem rápida
Ferramentaria de precisão
Injeção de termos-plasticos
Estamparia de precisão
Pintura final
Corrosão a laser
Montagem de componentes
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