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Final Painting and Finishing

Did you produce with Kae and need a paint finish for your parts and products? Then you can count on our painting and finishing, a special finishing touch on your product produced by us.
KAE painting and finishing, the final touch on your product.

If you produce with Kae, then you can count on our plastic painting and finishing structure. Now in addition to making your plastic parts, now you can give the final touch of paint to your product in one place. Plastic painting is widely used in pieces with luminous panels, where it is done after laser corrosion painting, where the information you want to highlight in your product is corroded in the painting. See also some painted and corroded parts by laser to understand the importance of technologies being integrated.

Are you thinking about developing a new product?

Find out what KAE can do for you and your company.

Prototipagem rápida
Ferramentaria de precisão
Injeção de termos-plasticos
Estamparia de precisão
Pintura final
Corrosão a laser
Montagem de componentes
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