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Laser Engraving and Etching

With our laser etching and corrosion service, you can engrave your indelible imprint on your product or corrode a layer of applied paint, giving a "luminous keys" effect when used in conjunction with LEDs.
Add a finishing touch to your products with our corrosion and laser engraving. Quality like that only at KAE.

KAE offers its customers laser engraving and corrosion technology on different types of materials and products. The engraving can be done on certain types of plastic, metallic surfaces and on paintings, having as main characteristic an indelible mark, because after engraving the mark cannot be erased, thus guaranteeing the exposure of your brand in your product.

This technology is also widely used in the manufacture of luminous keys, where laser corrosion is done only on the paint layer on the translucent plastic parts, where it is possible to make a part, key or product visible in the absence of light when LEDs are applied on the inside of the product.

>> Check out some laser engravings and corrosions made by our company:

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