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Stamping Line


Produce your prints with KAE and count on the entire structure of the ISO 9001/2008 Quality system.
Metal stamping with the precision you are looking for, you can find it here at KAE.

KAE offers one of the most accurate metal stamping services on the market. With production capacity available up to 3 shifts, KAE has state-of-the-art equipment equipped with automatic feeders ensuring the best performance in the production of stamped parts.

With great market experience, throughout its 26 years of history, the company's metallic stamping is specialized in the most diversified types of personalized printed terminals. Discover some stamped parts produced at KAE and discover the quality standard your company needs.

Serviços de estamparia metálica de precisão
With expertise in product engineering and metallic stamping, KAE is one of the few Brazilian companies capable of offering custom-made electrical terminals, providing personalized and exclusive solutions for its customers.
>> Check out some printed pieces produced at KAE:
Contact us and make a quote for your printed pieces.

Our metal stamping service has ISO 9001 quality certification.

Are you thinking about developing a new product?

Find out what KAE can do for you and your company.

Prototipagem rápida
Ferramentaria de precisão
Injeção de termos-plasticos
Estamparia de precisão
Pintura final
Corrosão a laser
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